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Eastlake Chapel Amenities

- rare + authentic 1800's english stained glass windows are shadow boxed & illuminated with LED lights as well as an antique victorian door

- antique 1847 victorian pump organ, corbels from an 1800's preacher's podium, 1800's carved eastlake furniture & much more up-cycled into one of the most beautiful works of art, the eastlake wedding chapel

- the chapel stage dimensions are approximately 8 ft. wide x 21 ft. long

- ceiling height is vaulted in the center

- steeple is equipped with a beautiful sounding iron wedding bell

- back lit church window illumination, accent lights, LED porch lights in antique stained glass lamp shades & LED front flood lights

features a built in sound system

- infinity 150 speakers built into the front gable/organ foot pedals as speaker grills

- PA system w. line input, USB input, FM radio + bluetooth

-wireless microphone system controlled separately

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