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Eastlake Chapel Delivery

- special delivery requirements -

we will need your 911 street address of destination + permissions

photos of written description of roads other than main road. two lane country roads may be required.

**sharp and narrow roads w. curves will not be desirable destinations that could damage chapel in transit**

height & width requirements for delivery + setting of the chapel

*14 ft. height x 12 ft. wide required for placement of building

placement area for chapel must be firm ground and have ample width & height for maneuvering building into desired position

loading area must have ample room for turning trailer and on/off loading chapel

an area of 75-80 ft. of level ground is required for unloading the chapel from truck & trailer

chapel is on sleds & delivers/moves just as a portable storage building. with the aid of our shed mule, we put temporary wheels under one end and the mule picks the building up and rolls it like a wheel barrow right to where you want it!

**the shed mule, while being gentle, may cause some indentations in the soil but the effects are not long lasting**

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