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What Are The Possibilities?
You may already have a floor in mind, but having an open floor design offers so many options and benefits.
You can make an in ground flower or vegetable bed & grow year round which requires much less watering and no chance for root bound plants.
For vegetables, we found by combining The Vertical, The Square Foot & The Back To Eden Gardening Method gave us and our clients excellent results.
For instance, in a 3 x 15 foot bed, you can have 45 plants growing & with the addition of L.E.D. grow lights, daylight is extended - allowing for year round growing.
We recommend winding a soaker hose around and throughout the bed & then cover with mulch.
Watering plants only at the root cuts down on plant disease drastically, meaning you can extend the growing season by usually 3 or more months before the plant plays out.
Once the Oasis’ is in place, the southern exposure is usually the best choice when considering an in-ground bed. If you finish the floor with your favorite Brick Paver, this allows the Oasis’ to benefit from Natural Thermal Heat from The Earth & if you were to spill soil or water, it’s an easy cleanup.
The Brick Pavers will fill in the small gap around the base when finished. Of course, you may use the floor that suits your vision for the Oasis’, whether that be a concrete slab and tile, floor joists, insulation, or hard floor.
Having your own Heavenly Garden Oasis' allows you to grow micro greens year round, cover exotic plants, extend the season of summer crops, grow winter crops in the ground, and start plants in the spring.
Start all of your vegetables and flowers for pennies on the dollar.
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