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What Is The
All materials are hand picked as we go to great lengths to always do our very best.
We seal the polycarbonate on both sides of the ridge and both eves where it meets the enclosure strip and above the gables with Em Seal to prevent cool air drafts during the colder months - in addition to our design of the roof trusses, to withstand wind and snow loads with a self clearing 6/12 pitch.
The Clear Corrugated Polycarbonate Greenhouse roofing, SunTuf has a limited lifetime warranty and a 10 year warranty against Hail Damage & also withstands temperatures of -40 to 212 degrees fahrenheit - as well as, being 20x more impact resistant than fiberglass.
It is said to have 99.9% protection from harmful UV Rays, Virtually Unbreakable, up to 90% Light Transmission, Long Term Weather & meets fire rating requirements.
Each garden oasis' is individually designed, custom timber framed and is unmatched in structural integrity. These are not kits that require assembly. They arrive ready to grow.
We re-purpose vintage windows.
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